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NCO is the industry leader in providing clients with successful business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions. Our outsourcing portfolio includes accounts receivable management, customer management services, and back office services for a diversified customer base. Since NCO’s inception in 1926, our goal has remained constant — to reduce client operating expenses, increase cash flow, and improve their customers’ experience. Our best-in-class, results-driven reputation, strong financial track record, and proven business model makes NCO the choice for BPO solutions.

To meet and surpass the growing and complex needs of our clients, NCO’s services support essential functions across key portions of the customer lifecycle, including acquisition, growth, care, resolution, and retention. NCO provides its services through Customer Lifecycle Management, a unique customer-driven model that delivers our optimal performance, leading-edge technology, proven efficiency, and exceptional quality.

NCO operates a global network of over 100 operations centers running on a centralized data platform with the flexibility to respond to a rapidly changing marketplace, and to scale operations to meet client specifications. Our clients are empowered to successfully address immediate business needs, while enabling long-term growth across the entire customer lifecycle.


NCO’s Finance and Accounting solutions help business process by increasing recovered funds, supporting client to customer relationships, and improving overall bottom lines. Our solutions successfully serve businesses of virtually every market segment, including financial, health care, education, government, utilities, technology, transportation & logistics, telecommunications, and commercial.

NCO Predictive Solutions specializes in providing a turn-key system that offers insights at the individual customer level. We can identify customers (businesses or consumers) that will defect or grow months before they do. As a result of our proprietary pattern recognition technologies, we provide our clients with the drivers of each customer’s prediction score to facilitate integrated customer management outreach programs.

The success of our programs is founded on the collaborative relationship we establish with our clients and the best practices having evolved from those partnerships. Together, they form what we term NCO’s Account Resolution Standards. Our Account Resolution Standards ensure outstanding accounts referred to NCO for collection through our Accounts Receivable Management program, and bad debt portfolios sold to NCO through our Portfolio Management program, are subject to the same stringent yet client flexible procedures to yield only optimum outcomes.


NCO Group
5/F ELJ Communications Center (ABS-CBN Compound)
Mother Ignacia Street, Quezon City
Tel Nos: 920-8030/9817558

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