Medical Transcription: Training-for-Work Scholarship

Job seekers who have fallen short of the requirements set by business process outsourcing companies and other critical industries are now encouraged to apply for the PGMA Training for Work Scholarship program.

Qualified to avail of the program are the ‘near hires’ or job seekers who were not able to fully meet the skills requirements of the BPO sector and other industries experiencing skills shortage, says Engr. Samuel Jordan of the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) .

Qualified job seekers will then be given a scholarship certificate and endorsed to a TESDA – registered training institution where they will undergo a finishing course for free. The scholarship certificates are valued at P5,000 each for call center and medical/legal transcription and P10,000 each for software development and animation.

The scholarship program is available to job applicants who wish to work in the following industries: business process outsourcing, aviation, agriculture, medical tourism, health and medical services, hotel and restaurant, metals and services.

The BPO industry covers call center, medical and legal transcription, animation and software development.

The said industries have been identified as priority sectors/subsectors experiencing a critical shortage of skills after the National Manpower Summit revealed that structural unemployment exists in the Philippines where available jobs could not be filled-up by existing manpower.

“Scholarship beneficiaries are 100% assured of employment upon completion of the finishing courses as long as they achieve a rating level of 3.5 to 4,” says Beth Tubog, TESDA administrative officer here.

So far, TESDA is eyeing Teletech as the training provider for call center applicants and ACSAT for medical/legal transcriptionist although the latter’s registration with TESDA is still under negotiation.

Other education and training institutions here are welcome to apply as one of the training providers under the program, adds Jordan. Interested applicants are encouraged to visit TESDA or Teletech for more details.PIA Information Service

Online Application Here

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